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About us

Arctoris allows researchers and biotech entrepreneurs to design and remotely execute advanced cellular and molecular biology research experiments.

We offer a complete system to generate, analyse and visualise research data in a secure cloud environment, leveraging the benefits of robotic experimentation, we provide full transparency, precision and consistency in preclinical R&D.

Using the Arctoris system, researchers worldwide enjoy accelerated progress in their research, making discoveries faster and more efficiently, whilst being liberated from manual work.


Arctoris enables life sciences researchers and biotech entrepreneurs to design and execute cellular and molecular biology experiments in the cloud, providing a complete system for data generation, secure storage, analysis, and visualisation.

  • Without Arctoris, I would not have progressed my lead compound and closed my Series A. Period.

    A C-level executive at a biotech company

  • We normally use the first tranche of funding to verify a biotech's key experimental findings. Impartial data generated on the Arctoris system gives us confidence in a company's science.

    A partner at a leading biotech VC

  • We primarily care about quality of datapoints and the cost per datapoint - Arctoris wins on both.

    A senior group leader at a large pharmaceutical corporation