27 Feb 2019

Forbes - A Cloud Lab Dedicated to Cancer Drug Discovery

A new era of drug discovery enabled by Arctoris is discussed in Forbes, exploring the acceleration in scientific progress and boost to R&D access for biotechs, academics, and pharma companies.

26 Feb 2019

Arctoris recognised as Rising Star

During the 12th Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum taking place in Zurich. Switzerland. Arctoris was selected as a Rising Star in the industry.

04 Feb 2019

Arctoris becomes founding partner of BioTarget

Arctoris is proud to be one of three founding partners of BioTarget, the world's first biotech competition dedicated to finding and supporting the next generation of cancer drug discovery ventures.

11 Jan 2019

Arctoris featured in Labiotech

This week, Arctoris Ltd was featured in, Europe's leading biotech news channel. In the interview, our co-founder Martin-Immanuel Bittner speaks about the benefits automation brings to drug discovery.

01 Jan 2019

Arctoris removes stealth cloak

After two years of ground-breaking work, three R&D grants and its first equity round. Arctoris is leaving stealth mode and opening the world’s first robotic cloud lab dedicated to cancer drug discovery.