The Arctoris cloud lab specialises in the automation of cell-based and biochemical experiments, with an emphasis on complex in vitro models, augmented by machine learning-driven analytics.

This creates a powerful and comprehensive platform for fundamental biology, target identification and validation, toxicology, phenotypic screening and compound profiling.

All of these tools can be accessed via our online interface, enabling on-demand, intuitive, and remote configuration of assays, secure cloud storage as well as real-time data visualisation and analysis. Leveraging the benefits of robotic experimentation, we provide full transparency, precision and consistency in drug discovery and preclinical R&D.

Experimental Capabilities


  • Robotic experimentation at the Arctoris facility for precise and hands-free research
  • Mammalian cell culture, including authentication, health monitoring, and QC
  • Most frequent mammalian cell lines available 24/7 for immediate experimentation
  • Sample storage and management
  • Secure research data storage vault
  • Built-in analytical software for data analysis, interpretation, and visualisation
  • Continuous monitoring of key parameters capturing more than 1000 datapoints per hour
  • Easy import of custom reagents (cell lines, custom inhibitors and probes)

Fully automated research services

  • Two and three-dimensional cell models
  • Comprehensive range of cell assays for various endpoints:
    • Cell health: viability, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
    • Proliferation and colony formation
    • Cell cycle
    • Cell metabolism
    • Drug resistance
    • Drug metabolism
  • Cellular structure-activity mapping for lead optimisation and selection
  • Multiparametric profiling and characterisation of novel compounds and drug candidates
  • RNAi for target identification, deconvolution and validation
  • Treatment response biomarkers identification
  • 2D, 3D, and 4D image analysis for phenotypic studies
  • Full range of fluorescent and direct target engagement technologies for characterisation of novel therapeutics and structure-activity relationship (SAR) exploration

Research support

  • Automated methods and results reporting
  • Dedicated single point of contact via phone and email
  • Independent, impartial pre-publication and pre-investment results validation packages
  • Co-development and adaptation of (custom) automated assays